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22 March 2016
7:30 pm


Hear a lecture on the history of exchange between contemporary dance and museums.

Over the past several decades, contemporary dance has become an integral part of contemporary art institutions’ programs. Now museums are offering a platform for dancers to show their works: curators construct exhibitions around contemporary dance, and even the Tate Modern once became a museum of dance for two whole days.

In this talk, we will look into the reasons behind these developments, and analyze the processes happening now and their possible outcomes in the future. We will also revisit the history of exchange between contemporary dance and contemporary art and discuss the most significant works and events that have shaped this exchange.


Katya Ganyushina is a contemporary dance scholar and the founder of Room For. She studied art history and art world practice at Christie’s in London. Ganyushina has a master’s degree in contemporary art from the University of Glasgow, where her dissertation Dance No Dance was devoted to American minimalism in the 1970s, a landmark moment in the history of contemporary dance. She has given lectures at the Tsekh school of contemporary dance, Moscow; the National Center for Contemporary Art; and Art Kvadrat, run by the Russian Education Ministry.

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