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Just art. Meeting 7. Victor Alimpiev

6 August 2015


Thursday, August 6, 2015, 19:30
Garage LAB
Free admission


Just Art is a series of discussions with artists moderated by renowned art critic and historian Andrey Kovalev.

Curator Massimiliano Gioni describes: “Alimpiev’s acrobatic flights of fantasy are meant to free our bodies, our movements and sounds from any immediate need and obvious meaning, turning our lives into an otherworldly mating dance or some inscrutable collective ritual.” The last meeting with artist from Just Art series of discussion will be dedicated to art as such.

Victor Alimpiev graduated from the Art School of Memory of 1905, and the New Art Strategies at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Moscow. His works are included in the collections of such important Russian and Western museums and foundations as the National Center for Contemporary Arts, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Tate Modern, MuHKA, MART-Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rovereto, Cultural Foundation EKATERINA, Contemporary City Foundation, the Nicola Trussardi Foundation, Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation. In 2005 TATE Modern acquired Victor Alimpiev’s video Sweet Nightingale. In 2007 Centre Pompidou included video My Breath in its collection.


  1. Victor Alimpiev
    Kathleen Ferrier, 2015
    acrylic on canvas
    125 x 100 cm
    Courtesy of Regina Gallery
  2. Victor Alimpiev
    SPRACHE SPRICHT (diptych), 2015
    acrylic on canvas
    185 x 100 cm (each)
    Courtesy of Regina Gallery
  3. Victor Alimpiev
    Double Question 6, 2012
    acrylic on canvas
    145 x 210 cm
    Courtesy of Regina Gallery
  4. Victor Alimpiev
    Weak Rot Front, 2010
    HD video, colour, sound
    Courtesy of Regina Gallery
  5. Victor Alimpiev
    Magic Rustle, 2011
    two channel HD video, colour, sound
    Courtesy of Regina Gallery

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