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Just art. Meeting 2: Stas Shuripa

2 July 2015



Thursday, July 2, 2015, 19:30
Garage LAB
Free Admission


Just Art is a series of discussions with artists moderated by renowned art critic and historian Andrey Kovalev. 

Stas Shuripa plays a very versatile role in the contemporary art scene. A prolific curator, philosopher, and methodologist, he also lectures and mentors many young artists. This meeting, however, will be dedicated to his art, which uses clean abstract forms to convey a deep analytical context.


Stas Shuripa is an artist, curator, and lecturer at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in Moscow. He studied at the Moscow Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics, and Automation from 1990 to 1993 and worked as a set designer at Maly Theatre from 1993 to 1995. He graduated from the Institute of the History of Cultures in Moscow and received a Leube Foundation scholarship (Austria) in 1999, followed by an Ericsson Foundation scholarship (Sweden) in 2005. He completed a course in New Art Strategies at ICA in Moscow in 2002, and graduated from the Valand Academy of Fine Arts in Göteborg (Sweden) in 2004. 


1. Stas Shuripa
Yellow Cross
2013 copy of 1996 original
acrylic on canvas
135 x 110 cm
Courtesy the artist 

2.Stas Shuripa
Photo: Vlad Chizhenkov

3. Stas Shuripa
A1, 2007
Installation, paper, light
Courtesy the artist  

4. Stas Shuripa
No name (Perspectives), 2010
Installation, plastic, nylon
Courtesy the artist  

5. Stas Shuripa
Odnushka, 2012
Steel, object, white paint
200 x 200 cm
Gazprombank collection

6. Stas Shuripa
Marine, 2013
acrylic on canvas
85 x 110 cm
Courtesy the artist 

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