Stelarc—Orlan by Irina Kulik


From 30 September 2015




Garage Education Center
Stelarc—Orlan by Irina KulikStelarc—Orlan by Irina Kulik


Stelarc (b. 1945) is an abbreviation of Stelios Arcadiu, the stage name of a radical performance artist. Through the extreme manipulation of his body, he questions the idea of standard physical capabilities. Considering the body imperfect and “outdated,” he actively experiments on himself through innovative research and development – hanging himself on hooks or implanting electronic devices under his skin, or working with artificial organs and limbs.

Orlan (b. 1947) lives and works between Paris, New York and Los Angeles. For decades she has transformed her own appearance through plastic surgery. She has documented most of this manipulation  on film – reading philosophical works while lying on the operating table. Her famous series of the 1990s involves the creation of the "perfect" woman's face, with features taken from mythological goddesses – Venus, Psyche, Diana and Europa – as well as the Mona Lisa. Orlan’s controversial actions are widely reported in the press, and her art is embedded in fashion and pop culture. Her gestures critique the beauty industry.

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Irina Kulik, PhD (b. 1970) is an art critic, culture expert, lecturer at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), and author of numerous publications on contemporary art, cinema, and music.