Inclusive discussion club accompanying the exhibition by Thomas Demand Mirror Without Memory.


From 24 November 2021 to 26 January 2022




Garage Museum of Contemporary Art


The experimental format of inclusive discussion club meetings will help visually impaired and sighted visitors open new perspectives on the artist’s work.

As part of the Mirror Without Memory exhibition, participants of the inclusive discussion club will use tactile sensations and audio descriptions to get acquainted with the works of artist Thomas Demand, as well as selected works created by filmmaker and writer Alexander Kluge and the SANAA architectural firm.

The core of the show is the oeuvre of contemporary German artist Thomas Demand, who works at the intersection of a variety of mediums, with a particular focus on sculpture and photography. Like the 1920s’ constructivists, the artist employs paper models and photographs to carefully construct a new concept of reality, aiming to distance it from any contexts and ideologies.

Participants will discuss to what extent events and objects, processed through the camera lens, are real and true; how our experience, memory, and perception are constructed; whether it is possible to verify the accuracy of the information in the videos and photo reports published in the media. Looking for answers to these and other questions, they will discuss the works of Thomas Demand and other artists while also practicing the making of audio descriptions—verbal descriptions of the artworks’ visual component.

Each meeting is dedicated to a specified topic and related works.

The discussion is moderated by cultural scholar and mediator Maria Galkina and her blind co-host, Larisa Ovtsynova.

The audio descriptions were developed by Sofia Lukyanova, Garage Inclusive Programs manager.


Larisa Ovtsynova is a massage therapist, audio description teacher, correspondent at the Osoby Vzglyad online resource, screenwriter and host of art events at the Cultural and Sports Rehabilitation Complex of the All-Russian Society of the Blind, and an actress in the Sovpadenie creative duo.

Maria Galkina is a cultural scholar, art critic, and mediator. She is a researcher of Russian art of the twentieth century and contemporary cultural practices. Author of inclusive programs for the visually impaired and blind, Galinka is a freelancer at the State Tretyakov Gallery and Garage Museum of Contemporary Art.

How to take part


Free admission with advance registration and QR code.


Reconstructing Memory

How does memory reproduce the vague images of social and political events broadcast in the media? Can an artist act as a storyteller who forms the experience? How do external events affect one’s personal biography? Resulting from his reflections on archives and photographic objectivity, Thomas Demand’s works oscillate somewhere between an illusory simulacrum and a document. During the meeting, the participants will discuss the artist's creative method, his principle of selecting plots, and analyze what event stands behind each of the works selected within the thematic framework of the discussion.


Wednesday, November 24
Garage Museum of Contemporary Art