Media. A screening of In Limbo by Antoine Viviani


From 6 November 2016




Garage Auditorium


A psychedelic essay on digital technology, its promise of eternal life and its mortifying reality.

Every Internet use leaves a trace: digital waste, deserted continents of information. Digits are eternal, but do images in selfies still belong to the people who have taken them? What is left of us in a digitalized copy we create of ourselves? How do machines change us and when have we become their extension?

Antoine Viviani’s hypnotic essay will make you reconsider your relationship with your iPhone—showing how Gordon Bell, Raymond Kurzweil and a dozen other media visionaries infiltrate your devices, In Limbo questions our independence at the moment we post on Instagram.

The additional screening of In Limbo is part of the Media thematic block of the NOW. Constructing Contemporaneity festival, organised by Garage, and The Heinrich Böll Foundation.

Visitors to the screening are invited to the discussion with Italian philosopher Franco “Bifo” Berardi, moderated by Mikhail Ratgauz. The discussion will take place at 15:50 in the Atrium of the Museum.

In Limbo
Dir. Antoine Viviani. 85 min. France, 2015


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The Heinrich Böll Foundation — Renowned German foundation with offices around the world. Since 1997, the foundation has supported social and cultural projects promoting democratic values, ecology, gender and ethnic equality.


Free admission with advance registration
The film will be screened in English with Russian subtitles