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22 October 2020


Artists Ilya Dolgov and Evgenia Suslova can be labeled the intellectual helmsmen of the 2nd Garage Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art. It was Dolgov who advised the curators of the Triennial to read the book After Method by the British sociologist John Law, which became a roadmap for exploring the vast picture of relations in Russian art. Meanwhile, during the dialogue with Evgenia Suslova, and at her submission, on the Triennial's horizon appeared the figure of mathematician and philosopher Roman Mikhailov, whose book A Beautiful Night for All the People is seen by the curators of the show as a scheme for interacting with the multiple (inter)subjectivities within the project. The book also gave its name to the 2nd Triennial.

The dialogue between Dolgov and Suslova is intended to uncover in an improvisational mode the points of contact of their aesthetic practices through increased attention to interfaces in a broad sense—the interactions of signaling systems and algorithms, programming in botany, and various ways of neutralizing and converting the human.

Garage is pleased to run this dialogue in the Arsenal space in Nizhny Novgorod.

Moderator: Valentin Diaconov



Evgenia Suslova is an artist, poet, philologist, language, and media researcher. She explores the boundaries of language and strategies of nonverbal communication, writes on media art, cognitive data, and digital indexing. Suslova usually uses interactive installation and performance as her mediums of choice and the Internet environment as her main artistic material.


Ilya Dolgov is an artist, interface designer, and amateur grower. Laureate of the Innovation Prize in the Best Regional Project nomination (2012). Nominee for the Kandinsky Prize (2013, 2015). Winner of Garage's grant program (2013). Winner of the Credit Suisse and Cosmoscow art prize for young artists (2016). Ilya collaborates with XL Gallery (Moscow). The artist's projects are aimed at constructing/growing new processes of interaction with nature and methods of communication associated with them. The resulting projects may take the form of exhibitions, networking and publishing initiatives, fictional and theoretical texts, or plant growing practices.


Valentin Diaconov is a curator at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, a doctoral candidate in Cultural Studies (dissertation title: Moscow Art Life in the 1950s and 1960s: The Birth of Nonconformist Art). Author of multiple texts on art published in the newspapers Kommersant and Vremya Novostei, magazines ArtChronika, Iskusstvo, and Frieze, online press ArtGuide, Raznoglasiya, Artinfo.com, etc. In 2012, he curated Philosophy of the Common Task at Perm State Art Gallery and showed his performance-tour A Piece of Europe in a Winter Garden at the 2nd Industrial Biennial in Yekaterinburg. In 2014 he curated Detective at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. His curatorial projects also include OGLYANAZ by MishMash duo at Roza Azora Gallery and Volume Two at the New Wing of Gogol House. Diaconov's exhibition projects at Garage include: Congo Art Works: Popular Painting (co-curated with Sammy Baloji, Iaroslav Volovod, and Bambi Ceuppens, 2017), Jurgen Teller. Zittern auf dem Sofa (co-curated with Andrey Misiano and Kate Fowle, 2018), The Fabric of Felicity (co-curated with Iaroslav Volovod and Ekaterina Lazareva, 2018), Rasheed Araeen. A Retrospective (co-curated with Nick Aikens, Yaroslav Volovod and Kate Fowle, 2019), Secretiki: Digging Up Soviet Underground Culture, 1966–1985 (co-curated with Kaspars Vanags, Andrey Misiano, and Sasha Obukhova, 2019), and Atelier E.B. Passer-by (co-curated with Daria Bobrenko and Oksana Polyakova, 2020).


The lecture will be held online via Zoom.

The broadcast will be available on YouTube.

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