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27 March – 24 April 2016
Sundays, 12:00–14:00


This course, inspired by the art of Viktor Pivovarov, will explore the relation between text and image and introduce our visitors to the basics of book illustration.

When we read, a whole world of images unfolds in our mind. But the images we see might be very different from what the author had wanted us to imagine. In these situations, the illustrator comes to help: they are the guide who knows the way from the author’s mind to the reader’s imagination.

Drawings in children’s books often remind me of an exciting magical game. Kids understand everything straight away, because they are artists—they know how to play and they like it, they are quick to get the language of a game. Also, artists and children both like things that do not exist: dragons, magicians, wooden boys, dwarves, and talking animals—all that comes from our dreams and our fantasies, all that seems unnecessary but turns out to be essential for a human being.

Viktor Pivovarov. Murzilka, 1979, No. 2

Making illustrations may not be easy, but it is definitely an exciting process. How do text and image relate to each other and how do they interact? How do we turn our ideas into drawings and how do we choose the best one? These are some of the questions the kids will try to answer with the help of the teachers.

The kids will find out about various aspects of illustrators’ work, learn to look for the key features of a text, think about what is important in it, and convey their attitude toward the story through their drawings.

In each class, they will have a chance to try a new technique, learn about some illustrators’ tricks, and illustrate a famous work or a story of their own.

Free admission, registration required.


Sunday, March 27

12:00–14:00  Garage Glass Room

Font as Image: The Basics of Typography and Visual Poetry

Sunday, April 3

12:00–14:00  Garage Kids’ Room

Text + Image: What’s More Important?

Sunday, April 10

12:00–14:00  Garage Kids’ Room

Characters in a Story

Sunday, April 17

12:00–14:00  Garage Kids’ Room

Characters and the Context

Sunday, April 24

12:00–14:00  Garage Kids’ Room

Illustration in 3D: the Layout


Free admission, registration required.

To register for a class, please send an email with the participant’s name, age, phone number and email address to with the subject: Illustration class.

Space is limited.

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