“I Admire!”: A Poetry Evening


From 4 July 2017




Garage Auditorium
“I Admire!”: A Poetry Evening“I Admire!”: A Poetry Evening


Garage Museum of Contemporary Art presents a poetry evening to mark the exhibition Kholin and Sapgir. Manuscripts, which is on show until August 13, 2017. Selected poems by Igor Kholin and Genrikh Sapgir will be read by poets of various generations, including Rostislav Amelin, Ksenia Charyeva, Danila Davydov, Ionna Demidova, Vladislava Kulakova, Yuri Orlitsky, Ivan Akhmetiev and Yan Vigovsky.

Kholin and Sapgir were key figures in Soviet unofficial culture. Both were part of the Lianozovo group—the first unofficial union of artists and writers formed in the Soviet Union in the postwar years. Heroes of the Soviet literary underground, pioneers of samizdat, friends and allies, Kholin and Sapgir were well-known “characters” on the unofficial cultural scene. Their “barracks poetry,” which was not allowed to be published in the Soviet Union until perestroika, was widely and anonymously quoted, becoming a sort of contemporary urban folklore. Children’s literature was the only officially authorized field which the poets could work in, and several generations of Soviet people grew up on Kholin and Sapgir’s books and cartoons.

The exhibition Kholin and Sapgir. Manuscripts is based on materials from Garage Archive Collection. The display includes samizdat editions, manuscripts, rare photographs, and audio and video recordings of the poets.


Kulturnaya Initsiativa is an independent creative project launched in 2004 by Yury Tsvetkov and Danil Fayzov. Its key activities include organizing literary events, conferences, seminars and panel discussions, co-organizing Moscow Poetry Biennale and supporting poetry festivals in the regions. In 2006, Kulturnaya Initsiativa was awarded an honorary certificate from Oktyabr magazine, and in 2009 it was included on the short list of Andrey Bely Prize.

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Admission free with advance registration