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Human Behaviour Sketches. Illustration workshop with FOX and OWL

Garage Art Book Fair and Vkus Bumagi Print Market
25 May 2019


Participants are invited to produce a series of human behavior sketches based on their study of other visitors’ behavior during the fair. Who yawns the most? Who takes the longest to look through a book? Does the size of one’s ears correlate to one’s interest in analogue printing?

FOX and OWL will provide an introduction to behaviour sketching and pencils. Artists guarantee that no visitor will be harmed during the scientific experiment.


Masha Vladimirova is the founder of FOX and OWL studio together with artist Roma Hek. The studio aims to promote knowledge about animals and plants, run masterclasses in botanical illustration in collaboration with the Main Moscow Botanical Garden of the Academy of Sciences, organize workshops in drawing rare animals with invited lecturers, and sketching classes.


Free admission

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