How to relax and start understanding contemporary art. A lecture by Tatyana Bortnik


A lecture-talk based around contemporary art: its mediums, subject matter, as well as the approaches to understanding and accepting the forms it takes today.

Art historian and Garage Museum education courses developer and teacher Tatyana Bortnik prefers and promotes “relaxed” approaches to comprehending contemporary art, based on the idea that one needs to accept its fundamental difference from the art of the previous centuries. But how did it happen? The lecturer will try to provide answers to questions such as: why do we need new forms and practices that emphasize something completely different than the aesthetically pleasing qualities of a classic artwork? and how has the very notion of the aesthetic evolved with time?

Using the context of world history and culture, Tatyana Bortnik will analyze the background for these changes. She will touch upon most of the key 20th and 21st century’s art movements, and will try to explain how to spend time in a contemporary art museum having fun from learning new things.


Tatayana Bortnik is an art historian, author of articles, teacher at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art.


Free admission with advance registration