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How to not be in the way of you child’s drawing? Workshop for adults

28 July 2015


Tuesday, July 28, 18:30 – 21:00


Participants of the workshop will examine creative activities as an important part of parent-children interaction.

Whether in kindergarten, at school, or at home, children have countless possibilities for creativity and self-expression. How to support them, without judging or imposing your own vision? How to create the best possible space for their natural artistic development?

The workshop will help parents come up with their own approach to interacting with kids through creativity. By drawing, as well as posing and answering questions, they will shift the roles of the child and the adult. With this immediate experience of creating and getting feedback for their work, parents will be able to formulate a set of guidelines allowing them to create the perfect space for their children’s artistic practices.


Admission free, please book in advance, e-mail us at


Anna Kegeles teaches Fine Art at the City & Country School in New York. She studied at the Moscow State University of Print, and previously taught at the Pushkin Academy of Russian Heritage, New York, and worked as the art director for Harper’s Bazaar, Forbes FYI, Robb Report, and a designer for the Russian editions of GQ, AD, and Elle.

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