14–16 April 2015




Workshop of media artists Ale de la Puente and Nahum
16 April, 2015
Garage Education Center and Library

14-16 April, 2015, 11.00-19.00
For participants selected to attend the workshop

14 April, 2015, 19.30 Matters of Gravity, public lecture by Nahum
16 April, 2015, 19.30  Artist in Zero Gravity, public lecture by Ale de la Puente, workshop results presentation

The Polytechnic Museum and the Mexican Embassy in Russia with the support of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art present the workshop Gravitation On/OFF by Mexican media artists Ale de la Puente and Nahum within the program Polytech.Science.Art.

April 14–16, the workshop Gravitation On/OFF by Ale de la Puente and Nahum will take place at the Garage Museum within the Polytechnic Museum’s program Polytech.Science.Art.

The workshop is to become a part of the parallel programme of the exhibition Matters of Gravity, which is scheduled to take place at the Polytechnic Museum exhibition hall at VDNKh from March 31 till April 26, 2015, dedicated to the centenary of the Albert Einstein's theory of relativity. The workshop addresses a broader audience. Art school students, artists, curators, researchers and developers from various fields are welcome to apply for participation. The workshop participants will explore interactions between art and science, and reflect on different ways to solve creative and social problems.

Ale de la Puente is a well-known Mexican media artist and industrial designer with Master’s degree in shipbuilding. Ale has been working in the field of science art for many years now, she has been collaborating with National Institute of Astronomy in Mexico City and creates artworks, dedicated to the notions of space and time. In 2013, Ale attended Arts@CERN (artist residency of the European Organization for Nuclear Research), where she held a series of art workshops for scientists, within the international science art competition Prix Ars Electronica Collide@CERN. The seminars aimed at establishing a dialogue between art and science, trying to find comprehensible image of time, scale, space, and exchange of ideas on connections and differences between fine arts and elementary particle physics.

Nahum is a Mexican media artist based in London. He works in close collaboration with The Arts Catalyst association, which has been trying to bring together artists and scientists, art and science for twenty years. Once a year, in November, Nahum runs the multimedia festival Kosmica in London, gathering astronomers, physicists, participators of space research programs, ufologists, as well as artists and musicians from Mexico, UK, France, Canada and USA.

The workshop Gravitation On/OFF will last for three days, from April 14–16, five hours a day. Principal and the most important participant requirement is to have sincere interest in exploration of art and science interactions, and to be ready to work on interdisciplinary projects. 

To apply for participation, please sign up and submit your letter of motivation by 9 April, 2015. On April 10, 2015, the selected applicants list will be announced. The participants will be able to attend the workshop for free. The number of participants is limited to 24.

To sign up and submit a letter of motivation, please follow the link: https://polytech.timepad.ru/event/191917

Participant requirements:
— fluent English,
— strong interest in exploration of interactions between art and science,
— personal laptop for the period of the workshop.

Also, the participants are required to bring paper and pencils for sketching. The participants are allowed to use personal video and audio recorders in their work.

The workshop Gravitation On/OFF by Ale de la Puente and Nahum is organized by the Polytechnic Museum within the program Polytech.Science.Art at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art supported by the Mexican Embassy in Moscow. 

Polytech.Science.Art program curator—Natalia Fuchs. 

Photos: Archangel Costantini, Espherica, 2015

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