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Kitchen rave scenario from Psycho Daily

We asked the editorial team at Psycho Daily to create a playlist for a staying-in party.

Psycho Daily: “While our favorite clubs are closed we have entertain ourselves at home, perhaps by reading an article from Nonconformist Treasures on the ecstatic behavior of young people on the dancefloors of the 1970s. Or, we can become ecstatic ourselves and start a rave in the kitchen, somewhere between the cups of coffee, Zoom conference calls, and re-washing our favorite cups.

Here’s how it works. Tired and still sober, you order a contactless delivery of wine. When it arrives, you press play and call your friends to talk about all those clever articles you read while working at home. You start getting drunk, feeling that four-on-the-floor. As you finish the bottle and switch off the light, substances get metabolized and the sound is cranked up. Between the oven and the table, you imagine yourself at the medium stage: nobody steps on your feet and no one pinches your cigarettes. For several hours you polish the corners of your furniture. By the dawn you are exhausted. This is when delirium crashes the party. Rhythms start screeching and dancing turns into balancing. Determined to put an end to this nightmare, you drag yourself to the bed and pass out, unaware of the hangover you will have for breakfast.”  

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