Garage New Year’s Day Weekend with Audi


From 21 December 2013


Garage New Year’s Day Weekend with AudiGarage New Year’s Day Weekend with Audi


Garage Center for Contemporary Culture invites children and parents to spend the penultimate weekend of 2013 sharing the holiday spirit! 

On December 21 and 22, Garage presents two shows, Star in a Glass Jar and House under the Table, by the acclaimed toy theater Microscope. After the shows, children and parents are welcome to attend open workshops, where young visitors will direct their own paper theater performance The City of the Future and create characters, scenery, and futuristic car models. Supported by Audi.

Star in a Glass Jar (4+)

Duration: 40 min.

December 21, 1:00 pm and 2:10 pm

Star in a Glass Jar is a festive performance in the tradition of Kamishibai, a form of paper theater originating from Japan. The show will leave a lasting impression on first-timers and provide a fun exercise in the genre for toy theater fans.

In Kamishibai, the narrative is characteristically concise, simple, and poetic, and the stage acts as a screen. Illustrated boards, inserted into the stage, are withdrawn one by one as the story unfolds, while ingenious scenic solutions provide different viewpoints for the audience.


House under the Table (3+)

Duration: 40 min.

December 22, 1:00 pm

In this toy theater piece the director presents paper characters, Teddy bears, and wooden blocks. The story is inspired by the children’s poetry of Korney Chukovsky.

There is a little house hidden under the table where everything is possible – drinking tea from tiny cups, observing the stars through a cardboard window, or reading favorite poems to a Teddy bear. In this fragile world lives a brave adventure-loving Lilliputian, who flies to the Moon, fights a dragon, and dives into an ink jar. He is the keeper of children's secrets and adult mysteries.

During the show little spectators will be provided with magnifying paper theater binoculars.

Microscope is a touring company reviving the unique medium of toy theater (also known as ‘paper’ or ‘model theater’). Microscope has recently performed at Detroit Institute Museum of Art, Japanese American National Museum (Los Angeles, CA), 92 Street Y (New York, NY), and Automata Arts (Los Angeles, CA). 


Workshops run from 1:00 – 5:00 pm on December 21 and 22.

Entrance is free but spaces are limited; advance registration is required.