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Garage Museum of Contemporary Art announces registration for the third season of the Ilkhom Art Program for teens


Ilkhom is a program for teens which aims to integrate teenagers with and without migration experience into the museum environment. The project provides information about professions and what they entail and also about various artistic practices.

This time, Ilkhom participants will explore how to work with text, which is an important tool for expressing thoughts and interacting with the world around us. Through creative writing workshops, participants will learn about genres such as diaries, letters, autobiography, and biomythography. The program includes professional writing masterclasses about writing texts for museums. There will also be sessions on the visual and artistic design of texts.

Participants will get to know writers, journalists, editors, publishers, illustrators, and
designers. As a result of the program, they will be able to create their own text or be part of a team creating a zine.


Teens aged 15 to 18 with an interest in writing are invited to participate, whether they are
already writing or would simply like to learn to write.

The main language of the meetings is Russian. Speakers of other languages who would like
to write in their own language or overcome a barrier to using Russian are welcome. Where
necessary there will be simultaneous translation in the language of the participant.

The program launches in March 2023. Sessions will take place on Sundays, from March
through May. To take part, please submit the application form before 20:00 on March 5.

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