11 December 2016


Garage Museum of Contemporary Art invites children and adults to a day-long festival of arts, where each visitor gets a chance to develop his or her own project. 

What can a museum offer to family visitors? How do you introduce your child to contemporary art? Visit Garage for a day of workshops, fun tours and talk shows with Garage staff and some of our regulars. 

Kids are invited to build a high-rise from a historic plan, learn about composition in photography, make their portrait in any twentieth century style or go on a sketching tour of an exhibition. Garage Teens Team will take young visitors on One-Work Talk tours and show them how to interact with several touch-operated installations.  

A panel of art historians, architects and teachers will explain why we need to introduce children to contemporary art and how to talk architecture to a four-year-old. The main event of the day is a talk show with Garage staff and regulars, who will share memories of their first encounter with contemporary art.


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Admission is free

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