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Garage announces an open call to take part in the Up! club for deaf teenagers and hearing children of deaf adults.

1–20 September 2020


Classes will begin in October 2020. Children who are fond of exploring arts and culture will get introduced to various areas of museum work and learn how to organize their own seminars, guided tours, and other events in a museum environment.

The Up! club will help high school pupils sneak behind the scenes of contemporary art and get to know a variety of museum and creative professions. Together with art professionals, the club members will scrutinize the ongoing exhibitions, process and critically analyze information, and support each other in all their mutual initiatives.

A multiple-meaning term, the Russian Sign Language variants of the gesture "Up" may mean "I can," "I am ready," "I understood," or "Me too," "Just like you" (depending on the context).

By calling the club Up!, Garage emphasizes the diversity and richness of sign language and deaf culture. This is why, building on the deaf community's values, the classes will focus on the personalities and individual abilities of each of its members.


Participation in the program is free. Classes will begin in October and will take place at Garage Education Center and Garage Library twice a month on Saturdays, from 17:30 to 19:30 (a 60-minute lecture, followed by a 20-minute coffee break and 70-minute joint masterclass).

Young people aged 14 to 18 years are welcome to take part.

To join the Up! club for deaf teenagers, applicants should message us at +7 (903) 625 86 15 (SMS, WhatsApp) before September 20, 2020, indicating their name, age, and place of study, and after that, pass an interview.

We will also gladly accept applications from hearing children of deaf adults (CODA). However, please note that, since all classes will be held in sign language, RSL knowledge is an important condition for joining the club.



Natasha Timofeeva is a senior pedagogue at the Inclusive Programs' children's workshops for deaf and hard of hearing visitors at Garage, and a sign language interpreter.


Antonina Pichugina is an actress at NEDOSLOV theatrical project for deaf actors.

Community manager

Lyuda Luchkova is a member of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art's Inclusive Programs department.

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