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Tours of Viktor Pivovarov’s exhibition The Snail’s Trail for visually impaired visitors

Public program accompanying Victor Pivovarov's exhibition The Snail's Trail
17 March – 18 June 2016


Learn about Conceptualism in art, find out how artists imitate the visible world by using different perspectives, and see how the imaginary world of a book can materialize in installations. Tours include audio description and tactile exploration of models and materials used in the exhibition.

As Garage Museum of Contemporary Art opens its spring exhibition season, we are delighted to invite visually impaired visitors on a free tour around Viktor Pivovarov’s exhibition The Snail’s Trail. 

This major exhibition of Pivovarov’s work, celebrating the artist’s upcoming 80th birthday, brings together paintings, illustrations, albums, and writings by one of the leaders of Moscow Conceptualism. The Snail’s Trail is at the same time a romantic journey around the artist’s mind.

The tour will introduce visitors to the ideas of Moscow Conceptualism, explain the use of perspective in visual arts, and discuss how the world of imagination can materialize in installations.

The tours include audio descriptions and tactile exploration of the models and materials used in the artworks.

The tour was prepared by Garage’s Inclusive Programs manager Galina Novotortseva.


Duration: 90 minutes

The tour is free for disabled visitors with proof of disability, and one carer.

If you would like to book a tour, please email us on or call +7 985 252 47 24 at least three days in advance of your planned visit.

Both individual and group tours are available.

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