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Films by Alumni of the Moscow School of New Cinema

14–15 October 2017


The program introduces selected films of the Moscow School of New Cinema graduates, created over the five years of its existence. These works have been screened and recognized at many Russian and international film festivals.

Each of the young directors has developed their own language, stylistic manner, their own “nerve” and character, but all of them can be distinguished by a very special sense of reality and time. At various times, their debut films have been presented in the programs of various festivals, including the Cannes Film Festival, the Moscow International Film Festival, 2morrow/Zavtra, Message to Man, and Artdocfest.


Saturday October 14

18:00–21:00  Garage Auditorium

Consecutive Scenes

Anna is thirty and lives in Tbilisi. She’s engaged to a man she trusts and has a lot of friends. Her peaceful life is interrupted when her ex-boyfriend Tengo comes out of prison earlier than expected. Anna has to make a decision.

The film was selected for the Best Short competition at the 15th Spirit of Fire International Festival of Cinematographic Debuts (2017) and the 10th Anniversary Edition program at Thess International Short Film Fest (2016).

Director Vita Geraskina (Dmitry Mamuliya studio)
Russia, 2015, 29 min.

Holy Days

Vlad and Anya are a brother and sister who have been left alone after their father’s death. A box is drifting in the water—what’s inside it? What is this deserted city they are in? And what are the silent characters not saying? These are their holy days, their two lines converging into one.

The film competed for the Best Short at 2morrow Festival in Moscow (2016). It was also shown in the main programs of Thess International Short Film Fest in Thessaloniki and Filmforum Hamburg (2016).

Director Alina Filippova (Dmitry Mamuliya studio)
Russia, 2016, 28 min.


A police officer stops a car with an old couple arguing inside. It is late at night and the fact that their daughter Rina is not picking up the phone adds to the tension. The family dinner that the couple is rushing to is bound to be a disaster.

The film was featured in the program Russian Film: Perspectives at the 39th Moscow International Film Festival (2017).

Director Artur Grigoryev (Dmitry Mamuliya studio)
Russia, 2017, 12 min 


A suburban kid is having a hard time figuring out his life: unhealthy, betrayed by his girlfriend, misunderstood by his mother, and waging a quiet war against his stepfather, he lives by the rules of the streets and gets involved in gang fights with his mates. But his life is about to take an unexpected turn.

The film was shown at the International Film Festival in Montreal (2016), in short film program at the Spirit of Fire Festival (2016) and at SHNIT Short Film Festival (2016).

Director Igor Poplaukhin (Dmitry Mamuliya studio)
Russia, 2016, 32 min

14 Steps

Anna is a young student who living in university halls of residence in Moscow. She has not been back to her hometown to visit her parents and sister for a few years. Used to the city life, she is planning to move in with her boyfriend and seems to have forgotten about the past, until one day a man she remembers very well reappears in her life.

The film won the Best Short competition at the Moscow International Film Festival in 2015. It was also featured in Cinéfondation program at the Cannes Festival and the program of Andrei Tarkovsky International Film Festival Zerkalo the same year. It won the Viewers Choice award for the Best Short at the 12th Moscow Premier Festival of Russian Films (2015) and was shown at 2morrow Festival in Moscow and Filmforum Hamburg (2015). 

Director Maxim Shavkin (Dmitry Mamuliya studio)
Russia, 2014, 38 min.

Sunday, October 15

18:00–21:00  Garage Auditorium

Eastern Worker

A female photographer is on the look out for new material in an unspecified town. She meets a group of far eastern workers who agree to do a photo-shoot. This shooting session alters the way she sees things and changes the fate of one of the employees.

The film competed at Locarno International Film Festival in 2015.

Directors: Rinat Bekchintayev , Egor Shevchenko (Dmitry Mamuliya studio)
Russia, 2015, 19 min


Obsessions and despair always go together with true love. To Yukha burglary is everyday business, but things don’t go to plan when he bumps into the owner of the flat he broke into. Unable to forget the face of the girl he saw in the dark, he keeps returning to her house to hear her voice on the intercom or see what she is doing. As he learns more about the object of his fascination, Yukha’s own life starts falling apart.

The film was shown in the program New Russian Studios, A Weekend of Shorts at 2morrow Festival (2015).  

Director Maria Ignatenko (Dmitry Mamuliya studio)
Russia, 2015, 30 min


An invisible bird sings songs in a forgotten village at the edge of the world, and a sheep thief has made himself a home in an abandoned house. Stories of life in a mysterious village disguise a fable about love.

Director Andrey Klychnikov (Dmitry Mamuliya studio)
Russia, 2015, 30 min


The film follows several people performing their daily rituals in very different environments: a poet reads his poems by a barred window, while a Mongolian child howls like wolf to start a fire in the stove. The images themselves seem to create action, just like fire grows out of itself.

Nadia Zakharova’s Fire won Le Donne Raccontano award at Sguardi Altrove Film Festival (2017) the Best Russian Documentary award at Message to Man Film Festival (2016), an award for Best Cinematography at Listapad Minsk International Film Festival (2016), and the main prizes at Rudnik Festival of Debut Documentaries and the 5th Yakutsk International Film Festival (2017). It was featured in the special program From A to A at Artdocfest Documentary Film Festival (2016) and was selected as one of the 8 best art films of the year at Lavrovaya Vetv festival (2016).

Director Nadia Zakharova (Artur Aristakisyan studio)
Russia, 2016, 60 min.


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