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26 November 2018


In these films, protagonists use signs to communicate with the world. In Two Worlds,a twelve-year-old girl is a loving and reliable carer for her parents and helps them with all everyday, financial, and other problems. Dead Ears is a story of a deaf son and his elderly father who love each other despite the lack of understanding between them.

Two Worlds

Two Worldsis a portrait of a family with two deaf parents and a hearing child. twelve-year-old Laura has become a mediator between her parents and the world. Every day, she faces new problems and learns to overcome them to protect her family.

Maciej Adamek. Poland, 2016
52 minutes, 12+


Dead Ears

A father and a deaf son live in a Lithuanian village on the outskirts of civilization. Although they live under one roof, they are worlds apart. Their experiences of life are so different that any communication ends in a confrontation. The father finds the son insane, and the son thinks his father is rude and insensitive. Will they ever learn to understand each other?

The film will be introduced by the director.
Linas Mikuta. Lithuania, 2016


Free admission with advance registration.

All films are screened in their original language with Russian subtitles.
All screenings are accessible to
 deaf and hard of hearing viewers.   


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