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Film screening. The Pocket Man, Louis, Ugly, Mm-Hmm, Kill Off, Partially Compensated, Scott + Julia

Garage Screen. International Film Festival "Breaking Down Barriers"
26 November 2018
12:00 – 13:30


The program features films about friendship between kids with and without disabilities.

The Pocket Man

A little man lives in an old suitcase. One day he finds a friend—a blind old man. The little man jumps into his elderly friend’s pocket and uses music to tell him about the world around him and guide him through the streets.

Ana Chubinidze. France, 2016
7 min. 0+


Louis is ten years old and deaf. He likes playing with his pet snails and does not like going to school because every day at school brings new trouble.

Violaine Pasquet. France, 2014
10 min. 6+


Ugly is a story of a homeless and unattractive cat trying to survive in a city. The life of the one-eyed, one-eared, thin, and limping creature consists of fights, searching for food and refuge, and begging for attention. The film was inspired by the story Ugly the Cat, which Nikita Diakur found online.

Redbear Easterman and Nikita Diakur. Germany, 2017
11 min. 6+


The animation about a mother taking care of her son on the autism spectrum explores her anxieties about the child’s future in a society that fails to provide adequate care and support.

Hannah McNallyand Martha Halliday. UK, 2017
3 min. 6+

Kill Off

A girl with a developmental disability develops an unlikely friendship with a refugee from Sudan, based on their shared love of a street dance.

Genevieve Clay-Smith. Australia, 2017
16 min. 6+

Partially Compensated

In a partially autobiographical film, Krista Weltner explores the confusion and anxiety experienced by a child who discovers she is different from everybody else. Violet is dyslexic and will have to learn to live with her disability.

Krista Weltner. USA, 2016
11 min. 0+

Scott + Julia

After a car accident he survives at the age of fifteen, Scott might never be able to walk. His girlfriend Julia supports him in everything he does, but she also has her own life—work, friends, and family. Julia doesn’t want Scott to feel lonely and gets him a dog, Dexter.

The film will be introduced by Scott.

Annelies Kruk. Netherlands, 2016
22 min. 12+


Free admission with advance registration.

All films are screened in their original language with Russian subtitles.
All screenings are accessible to
 deaf and hard of hearing viewers.   


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