Film screening: Tenet


From 5 September 2020




Garage Screen summer cinema


Counterterrorism agents use time-inversion technology to make it go backward. This year’s most highly anticipated blockbuster is also Christopher Nolan’s most expensive film, where he once again appears as an adherent of pure experimental form as much as the guru of the genre and thrill.

Following a terrorist attack at the Kyiv Opera House, anti-terrorism agents implement the most cutting-edge technology to turn back the clock.

In Tenet, Christopher Nolan once again appears as an ambitious reformer of the genre. The film is based on a classic spy, even Bondian, story with elements of science fiction. But being a true esthete and visionary, Nolan turns it towards a purely formal and partly scientific experiment with narrative and its structure. The very fabric of the storyline is subjected to the same sophisticated manipulation as the time amplitude underlying the plot, which the protagonists travel through and transform in the process.

Dir. Christopher Nolan
UK, USA, 2020. 150 min. 16+


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