Film screening. Princess Mononoke


From 02 July 2019




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Film screening. Princess Mononoke Film screening. Princess Mononoke


Wolf gods and boar gods try to prevent humans from cutting down forests and killing the Forest Spirit in a Hayao Miyazaki classic.

In the late Muromachi period in Japan, people have learnt to use firearms and cut down forests, and ancient spirits have been forgotten. The last Emishi prince, Ashitaka, kills Nago—a possessed boar god—but gets wounded in a fight and is now cursed. To lift the curse, he must go and find the source of evil that has corrupted Nago.

A captivating fantasy, Princess Mononoke is at the same time a meditation on the relationship between nature and technology, a fable about human greed and a story about living with disabilities. Drawing on Japanese folk culture and mythology, and cleverly weaving gender issues into the storyline, Hayao Miyazaki remains faithful to his ethics and presents a story with no absolute goodies or baddies, where evil has no single source but reveals itself in any act of hatred. 

Princess Mononoke
Director: Hayao Miyazaki
Japan, 1997. 134 min. 12+




Standard: 350 RUB
Student: 250 RUB*

 Garage Members: 175 RUB.


Concessions for pensioners, veterans, large families, under 18s, and visitors with disabilities (with one carer): 175 RUB**

To book members’ tickets, call +7 (499) 345-10-00 or email Booked tickets must be paid for no later than 30 minutes before the screening.

Film will be shown in original language with Russian subtitles.
Screening accessible for the deaf and hard of hearing.

* For students of 18 to 25 years old with student ID
** Please bring proof of eligibility