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15 June 2017


Culture is the human race’s biggest achievement and at the same time the symbol of the inevitability of death and decay—in Nicolaus Geyrhalter’s film featuring no human beings.

 The Austrian director, producer and writer Nicolaus Geyrhalter is the author of over a dozen documentaries, including the critically acclaimed Pripyat (1999), about people who continued to live in Chernobyl even after the catastrophe, and Our Daily Bread (2005), unveiling the truth about modern technologies of food production.

 Shot in Argentina, Bulgaria, Japan and the U.S., Homo Sapiens (2016) is made in the director’s signature “no comment” manner, offering an impersonal view on the subject matter. The long, static scenes of Homo Sapiens record abandoned architectural or natural spaces: a former airport, a half-ruined cathedral, and overgrown railways. Accompanied by natural and technical noises reminiscent of computers or printing machines, these ruins of human activity look both dramatic and poetic, creating a sublime image of culture and, implicitly, of its creator—the thinking man.

Homo Sapiens

Dir. Nikolaus Geyrhalter. Switzerland, Austria, Germany, 2016.

94 min.


Standard adult—400 RUB

Concessions for visitors with disabilities—200 RUB*.
*Ticket for one carer—200 RUB.

The film will be screened in English with Russian subtitles.
The event is accessible to deaf and hard of hearing visitors.


 50% off for GARAGE members.
Advance booking available for GARAGE members, call +7 (499) 345-10-00 or e-mail
Please collect booked tickets no later than 30 minutes before the film is due to start.

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