Film screening. Deej and Have No Fear


From 24 November 2018




Garage Auditorium
Film screening. Deej and Have No FearFilm screening. Deej and Have No Fear


The two films are devoted to the power of family support.  Deej tells the story of a boy with autism who graduates from college and becomes a poet, while Have No Fear follows an old man fighting Alzheimer’s for his daughter.


The film tells the story of David James Savarese (Deej), an American autistic activist abandoned by his biological parents as a baby and interacting with the world despite being unable to communicate through speech. Adopted from foster care, Savarese attended and graduated from a local public school, then was admitted to—and graduated from college. We learn about his struggle to adapt, his traumatic relationship with his biological mother and his achievements in writing and poetry.

Robert Rooy. USA, 2017
72 min. 12+

Have No Fear

Giuseppe is a patient in a clinic and lives with Alzheimer’s. His family is doing everything to remain close to him, but only his daughter Giulia gets an insight into his thoughts through music and a diary. Soon she realizes that the last page of the diary contains a message to the family.

Marco Calvise. Italy, 2016
23 min. 16+


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 deaf and hard of hearing viewers.