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5 August 2016


Café Society is a new film by the remarkable Woody Allen, a romantic comedy set in the vibrant atmosphere of the “dream factory”—1930s Hollywood.

Woody Allen, who turns 81 this year, is one of the most prolific contemporary directors and writers, releasing at least a film a year based on his own screenplays, and marked by his signature style. His movies are instantly recognizable due to the stunning mixture of intellectual humor, romantic adventures, refined visuals, gentle sentimentality and a nostalgic soundtrack.

Café Society, Woody Allen’s 47th film, tells the story of a young man, Bobby (Jesse Eisenberg), who moves to Hollywood from New York in the 1930s looking for a career in the film industry. He falls in love with secretary Vonnie (Kristen Stewart), and finds himself at the epicenter of the dazzling Hollywood high life, surrounded by the cream of society, and involved in events that defined the spirit of the decade. Jazz music, little nuances, Chanel fashion designs, and a simple story combine to make this film an easy and pleasant immersion into the atmosphere of the era and the internal worlds of the characters. Like many of Allen’s recent works, Café Society is a carpe diem film, a reminder to us all to not overthink life and savor the moment.


Café Society
Dir. Woody Allen, 96 minutes, USA, 2016
Please be aware that photography, video and audio recordings are prohibited during the screening.tary Film Center, Moscow.


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