Film screening. Art in the Twenty-first Century. Fantasy

18 October 2014


Film screening. Art in the Twenty-first Century. Fantasy. 56 min.
Saturday, 18 October, 17:00 

This episode centers on four artists whose practice transcends the boundaries between real and illusory, between the mundane, familiar world of the everyday and their own imaginary realm. Jeff Koons grants new life to kitschy objects, glorifying them by rendering them on a large scale in expensive materials and situating them in iconic or institutional settings. Mary Heilmann’s paintings attract not only through their vivid color schemes and childish subject matter, but also through the elaborate, whimsical shapes of the canvases themselves. Conveying the sublimity and intensity of nature, photographer Florian Maier-Aichen endows his panoramic landscapes with fairylike colors and shapes. Chinese artist Cao Fei shoots documentaries depicting her experiences in the online game Second Life, or selects locations reminiscent of scenes from virtual realms.


In the framework of the Art in the Twenty-first Century Film Program

Films will be shown on English with Russian subtitles.
Venue: Garage Education Center 
Free entry

Kindly supported by Dornbracht 

This event is part of ART21 Access 100 Artist, a worldwide initiative providing unprecedented access to contemporary artists through screenings of ART21 Art in the Twenty-First Century Seasons 1-6. ART21 is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making the world a more creative place through the work and words of living artists.


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