Faculty of Steve Kurtz (Critical Art Ensemble)


From 27 September 2019 to 29 September 2019

Faculty of Steve Kurtz (Critical Art Ensemble)Faculty of Steve Kurtz (Critical Art Ensemble)


Sessions by Steven Kurtz will offer the opportunity for critical conversations combining theory and practice between aspiring artists, curators, art critics, writers, and researchers. We will use the cultural research projects of the participants to focus on key issues that the work raises, as well as points of actual or potential friction, building consensus, or constructing plausible deniability.


Applications will only be accepted from artists, curators, art critics, writers, and researchers with a proven record in the field of contemporary culture.

Sessions will be in English (applicants must be able to demonstrate a level of at least Upper-Intermediate English to attend this faculty).

Applicants will be expected to make a presentation of their research project, which the mentor and peers will

Four scholarships are available for outstanding applicants from outside Moscow (but within Russia and the CIS). The Scholarship will cover return one economy class return airfare and three nights' accommodation.

Applications for the Faculty of Steve Kurtz are accepted until September 20, 2019.

Applications should be emailed to weekendfaculty@garagemca.org (Subject: Weekend Faculty / CRITICAL ART ENSEMBLE).


To apply, you will need to submit:

  • An application in Word (Russian);
  • A CV/portfolio (Russian);
  • A motivation letter of 500 words (English);

In your motivation letter, please specify: 

  • Your research subject;
  • The letter should also include your aims for the project and objectives, as well as your methodology. Your objectives are the steps by which you will meet your aim. Methodology means defining the ways you conduct your work on the research, including how you go about discovering new information and recording it;
  • Supporting materials are important: digital or printed photos, original documents, reference images and theoretical texts, anything that will help build your case and facilitate understanding in order to receive comprehensive feedback.

Applications and motivation letters must be sent in Word format, with the candidate’s family name and the place where the application is coming from in the name of the file, as in the example below:



“Interventions and Provocations: Thirty Years of Critical Art Ensemble”. Lecture by Steve Kurtz

This lecture presents a sample of some of CAE’s more notorious projects. Through the lens of intervention, Steven Kurtz will speak about models and techniques for public actions and soft subversions aimed at undermining authoritarian tendencies in a time of neoliberal domination. 

Friday, September 27
Garage Auditorium

Crit session 1

Saturday, September 26
Garage Kids' Studio

Crit session 2

Sunday, September 27
Garage Kids' Studio