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Experiencing the Museum: A Lecture by Roos Wattel and Anne Maaike Ferf Jentink

1 July 2017


In the lead-up to the annual training course Experiencing the Museum, which explores various aspects of inclusion, Dutch experts will share their experience of making art and culture in Amsterdam more accessible to deaf and hard of hearing persons.

Garage continues to work with arts and culture professionals in the run-up to the annual training course Experiencing the Museum, which offers a platform to discuss accessibility of museums to different groups of visitors.

On July 1, Dutch expert on accessibility in culture Roos Wattel will speak about the program Museum in Gestures developed by Amsterdam’s Photography Museum (FOAM) in collaboration with Wat Telt! and aimed at making art and culture in the city accessible to deaf and hard of hearing visitors. Thirteen young museum guides that have completed the course are now giving tours in Dutch Sign Language in nine museums in Amsterdam. Anne Maaike Ferf Jentink will tell the story of her career as a deaf tour guide in several cultural institutions and speak of the changes Museum in Gestures has brought to the museums of Amsterdam.


Roos Wattel is the deaf founder of Wat Telt! and an expert in accessibility in arts and culture. She initiated and developed the program Museum in Gestures.

Anne Maaike Ferf Jentink is a deaf tour guide and teacher at the Van Gogh Museum and Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam. She is the owner of—a company promoting accessibility of sport and education to deaf and hard of hearing people. She took part in the program Museum in Gestures.


In 2015, Garage’s Department of Inclusive Programs launched an annual training program devoted to various aspects of inclusion and bringing together Russian and international accessibility experts, researchers, teachers, and museum professionals.

In autumn 2017, Garage will host Experiencing the Museum: Visitors with Developmental and Learning Disabilities focused on adapting spaces and programs for people with information and sensory processing disorders, and other differences that might affect their visit to museums and cultural institutions. 


The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands



Free admission with advance registration.

The event is accessible to hearing, deaf, and hard of hearing visitors: the lecture will be interpreted into Russian and Russian Sign Language.


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