Enlightening Art: A methodical laboratory for teachers


From 26 February 2021 to 15 March 2021

Enlightening Art: A methodical laboratory for teachers Enlightening Art: A methodical laboratory for teachers


Garage is launching a laboratory dedicated to finding methodological tools to rethink the relationship between art and education.

Designed as a series of discussions, workshops, and presentations, the laboratory implies an active involvement of both teachers and the Museum’s staff. The project is set to become a launchpad for the study of education outside the school curriculum and the search for pedagogical components that have not yet been considered within the educational process.

The inaugural laboratory will seek answers to questions about how the interaction between art and museums, on the one hand, and schools, on the other, can be; what inclusive education and an inclusive museum environment have in common. Using a game-based scenario and with the participation of independent guest facilitator Yulia Karikh, member of the Association of Russian Trainers (ART), the laboratory will be adapting and modifying itself, reflecting the values and approaches of museum educators and the beliefs and realities shared by representatives of formal education.

The laboratory project will initiate a series of events aimed at the study of pedagogical practices that can be implemented both in a school and in a museum.

The laboratory will be moderated by an independent guest facilitator, who will carefully build bridges between the values ​​and approaches of museum educators and the beliefs and realities of representatives of formal education.

The project has been initiated by the staff from Garage Museum of Contemporary Art’s Education and Inclusive Programs departments. The Garage team aims to rethink the formats of the educational process in the modern world and reinforce the direction of the Museum’s work with the community of pedagogues, teachers, and other specialists interested in education.


Teachers with various backgrounds, including those with work experience in specialized and inclusive schools, tutors, and additional education pedagogues, are invited to participate in the laboratory.

Classes will be held from late March to late April 2021, once a week.

Applications are accepted before March 15, 2021.

The selection results will be announced within three days after the end of the collection of applications.