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Earth Hour and a discussion around Garage Museum of Contemporary Art’s “green” initiatives

Bureau des transmissions
30 March 2019


Why does Garage Café refuse to use plastic dishes and offers a 30% discount to guests with their own cups, and why there are no waste bins under the desks in the Museum’s office—answering these questions will help the audience to understand how the institution carries out its Garage Green program of conscious consumption.

Garage Green initiators will explain how various eco initiatives have been implemented in the life of the Museum with the purpose of reducing the negative impact on the environment: Garage’s office and café support the idea of waste sorting—waste paper collection boxes are installed in these areas; staff no longer use printed materials during meetings; while disposable plastic cups have been eliminated in favor of reusable dishware.

The discussion will coincide with Earth Hour—an annual event organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). After the meeting, from 20:30 until 21:30 the Museum will dim the light as a sign of commitment to the future of the planet (the action being a symbolic gesture not aimed at saving electricity).

Earth Hour is the world’s largest environmental campaign involving over two billion people from 188 countries. On this day the illumination of more than 18,000 architectural monuments goes out.


Anton Belov, Garage Director, initiator of Garage Green program of conscious consumption.

Dmitry Nakoryakov, Head of Technical Equipment and Exhibition Execution Department, initiator of Garage Green program of conscious consumption.

Ekaterina Suverina, International Publishing Program Manager, Garage Green team member.


Free admission with advance registration


Transitory Parerga: Access and Inclusion in Contemporary ArtIssue 01 of The Garage Journal

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