Dragan Espenschied. Preserving Performative Media

IAM: Episode II. Conference
17 July 2018


Digital art and net art are one of society's most at-risk materials: from a single GIF animation to complex networked ensembles, anything happening inside a computer is basically a performance depending on a technical and cultural context. Traditional memory institutions have been struggling with finding the right processes for making these performances re-callable.

Rhizome, a born-digital arts organization founded 1996 on the internet and associated with the New Museum in New York, has developed an integrated digital preservation program, and together with research partners is creating conceptual abstractions and applicable software frameworks to create a sustainable future for the most relevant art form of our time.



Dragan Espenschied is a net artist, home computer musician, and digital art conservator. Since 2014 he has led the preservation program at Rhizome, establishing linked data, web archiving, and emulation as core institutional practices.




Free admission with advance registration.

The conference will be accessible for deaf and hard of hearing visitors.

The conference will be in English and Russian with simultaneous translation.


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