Dmitri Vlasik. Cornelius Cardew: Forms of Collective and Participatory Contemporary Music


From 8 April 2016


Friday, 19:30


Garage Auditorium


This lecture is devoted to the oeuvre of experimental composer Cornelius Cardew.

In this lecture, Dmitry Vlasik will attempt to chart the career of Cornelius Cardew, one of the first European proponents of the experimental composers John Cage and Morton Feldman. Cardew studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London, and became one of the UK’s most ardent supporters of experimental music. From the mid-1960s till the end of the decade, Cardew worked as a graphic artist for a music publication at the same time as he created the graphic score for Treatise, based on the works of philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. He was also a founding member of The Scratch Orchestra, which was open to non-professional musicians. At the height of his creative practice, Cardew abandoned the avant-garde and moved toward revolutionary struggle as a member of the Communist Party of England.


Dmitri Vlasik is a composer and member of the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble. He studied social psychology at Dawson College in Montreal, Canada and historic and contemporary music performance at the Moscow Conservatory (Mark Pekarsky percussion class). He has introduced a Moscow audience to compositions for percussion by many contemporary composers, including Salvatore Sciarrino, Brian Ferneyhough, Pierluigi Billone, Morton Feldman (together with Natalia Cherkasova and Ivan Bushuyev), John Cage, and Peter Ablinger.