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Discussions on Performance. Episode 7: A Rehearsal for the Spectator: Participation and Perception Strategies in Live Art

Discussions on Performance. A cycle of discussions with Dasha Demekhina
23 May 2020


The discussion will focus on the existent strategies of the viewer’s perception of and participation in performance and contemporary dance.

How can the viewer prepare for watching a performance? What kind of practices can facilitate a better perception of a particular work and help to integrate the experience acquired through the immersion into live art? What can the viewer do before and after the event?

Moderator—Dasha Demekhina

Participants: Vitaly Cherepanov, Vanya Demidkin, Olga Deryugina, Anna Semyonova-Gants, Anastasia Mityushina


Dasha Demekhina is a performance theory scholar, curator, co-founder of the Bureau of Performative Rituals, author of the Zhizn kak performans [Life as Performance] podcast on Storytel.

Vitaly Cherepanov is an artist. He works together with Anna Cherepanova under various names, including Cick in Dunt, Tagil Group, Yugo-Zapad [Southwest] and Beskonechny Chastny Sektor [Endless Private Sektor]. Their practice encompasses performance, video art, installation, street art, and painting, and often mixes different genres. Cherepanov is a curator, art dealer, and one of the organisers of Uralskaya Yazva music festival, who has conducted research on local art scenes and street art. In 2018, Anna and Vitaly Cherepanov’s series of video works Theatre under Cameras was shortlisted by the Center Festival. In 2019, Theatre under Cameras and Bones Auction were shortlisted for Innovation Prize (New Generation). From January to July 2019, they were residents at Garage Studios. Cherepanov lives and works in Yekaterinburg.

Vanya Demidkin is a critic and curator, member of Perfobufet Theatre Company. He is the host of the podcast Protiv Tyatra [Against Theatre] and the Telegram Channel Pishi performans [Writing Performance].

Olga Deryugina is an artist, curator and author, who has written for,, TsEM and Iskusstvo. She is a member of Margaritki Group. Her interests include research in digital media and interdisciplinary practices. Deryugina studied at Rodchenko Art School and BAZA Institute and was nominated for Innovation Art Prize (as Best Curator) in 2019. In 2018 and 2019 she was among the curators of START Space for Young Art at Winzavod.

Anna Semyonova-Gants is a dance dramaturg, choreographer, and movement researcher. Her interdisciplinary projects mix choreography with performance as well as public, media, and video art. Her research questions reality and touches on questions of identity, post-Soviet culture, body politics, and creation of new spaces.

Anastasia Mityushina is an art historian, curator of the public program at Garage.

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Admission is free.

The discussion will be broadcast on YouTube.

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