Discussions on Performance. Episode 3: Event vs Archive

Discussions on Performance. Episode 3: Event vs ArchiveDiscussions on Performance. Episode 3: Event vs Archive


Participants will discuss how standards in understanding performance and contemporary dance can be detected and negotiated. They will look into the relationship between the archive and the event in performative practices and talk about artistic as well as legal documentation of events.

What are the questions that we need to pose about a work of art in order to understand how to preserve, show, and promote it? What is protected by copyright in performance art and which part of a performance cannot be stolen? What function do institutions have in the transmission and promotion of performance? 

Moderator: Daria Demekhina

Participants: Katya Bochavar, Catherine Wood, Ekaterina Tyagay, Olga Tsvetkova


Daria Demekhina is a performance theory scholar, curator, co-founder of the Bureau of Performative Rituals, author of Zhizn kak performans [Life as Performance] podcast on Storytel.

Katya Bochavar is a curator, artist, Director at GROUND Solyanka Gallery-Studio (Moscow). She runs major cross-disciplinary projects working across performance, dance, new music, installation, and other contemporary art mediums.

Catherine Wood is Senior Curator of International Art (Performance) at Tate Modern.

Ekaterina Tyagay is an attorney, Partner at Pen&Paper, Head of the Sensitive Matters practice.

Olga Tsvetkova is a choreographer, performer, and curator. She studied choreography and performance-making in the field of contemporary dance at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO, Amsterdam). In 2016 and 2017, she was a resident of the Dansateliers dance space (Rotterdam). In 2017, Tsvetkova completed the DAS Theatre master’s program in Directing (Academy of Theatre and Dance, Amsterdam). She received the DANCEWEB scholarship (Vienna). Since 2018, she has been curating Contemporary Dance at V-A-C Foundation (Moscow).

Anastasia Mityushina is an art historian, curator of the public program at Garage.


The discussion will take place via Zoom and will be broadcast on YouTube.

Admission is free with advance registration.