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Discussion “The Body in Theater and Society” as part of Territory Festival’s public program

7 October 2019


Hosted by theater critic Dina Gode, the discussion “The Body in Theater and Society” will launch the public program accompanying Territory Festival. Goder has invited three experts addressing this subject from different viewpoints.

Yuri Saprykin, journalist and head of the “Polka” (“Shelf”) book project, will speak about the body in society, physical and mental violence imposed by the state, and modern-day teenagers, who have rushed into political and social life just like the heroes of Milo Rau’s spectacle Five Easy Pieces. Saprykin will also touch on the body in warfare, fear, pain, wounds, and death—basically, everything that comes to mind when reading Svetlana Aleksievich, whose prose director Eimuntas Nekrošius used in his latest piece The Zink. Film historian Vsevolod Korshunov, meanwhile, will address nudity and eroticism in art, systems of personal and external taboos, and the changed role of the body in contemporary art, including its interest in the body outside of common beauty canons, the old, decaying, and distorted, and to the representation of the body in horror and war films. Finally, Anastasia Nefyodova, Chief Designer at Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, will discuss the body in relation to theater costume and the body in performance art. She will also explain the implications behind her Mummification project where artists created “corpse sculptures” by taking casts of people in various poses using tape: Nefyodova will recount the participants’ physical and psychological experience, and how the performance was transferred to the theater stage.

Curator of the project: Dina Goder

The development of the public program accompanying Territory Festival is initiated in collaboration with Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation.


Dina Goder is a theater and animation critic, teacher, programming director of Moscow’s Big Cartoon Festival, member of many jury boards and selection committees at theater and cartoon festivals. Member of Expert Council at the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation. Expert Council Chair at Golden Mask Festival.

Yuri Saprykin is a journalist, cultural scholar, “Polka” project director. Formerly, Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Director at Afisha magazine.

Vsevolod Korshunov is a scriptwriter, editor, film historian, editor-in-chief of the documentary section at Kultura TV channel, and teacher of International Film History at the Moscow School of Cinema and VGIK.

Anastasia Nefyodova is Chief Designer at Stanislavsky Electrotheatre and curator at the NRS – HSE Art and Design School.


Free admission with advance registration


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