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Discussion: The Art of Dance and Its Place among Other Arts

The Art of Dance. On the Path to Self-Identification
30 June 2020


The sixth episode of the cycle of discussions The Art of Dance. On the Path to Self-Identification will revolve around the interaction of artists, choreographers, and producers in the field of contemporary dance with government institutions.

Dina Khuseyn will invite representatives of state institutions to discuss whether they see dance as an independent movement in art or think that it has to be integrated into the existent system of support for theater, ballet, and contemporary art. How and in which forms is dance represented in the agenda of governmental institutions today, which position does it occupy compared to other arts, and how is it being supported?

The participants will speak about the formats used by independent dance artists in modern-day Russia, the infrastructure that is established in support of contemporary dance, things that dance in Russia needs for a full-value development, and those that complicate its current evolution.

Moderator — Dina Khuseyn

Guest speakers: Dmitry Mozgovoy, Maria Beylina


Dina Khuseyn is a choreographer and dance activist. She graduated in Ballet from the Choreographic Lyceum (Moscow), Dance Academy Rotterdam, and EX.E.R.CE program in experimental choreography (France) under tutor Mathilde Monnier. Since 2005, Khuseyn has been producing works in the realm of contemporary dance, performance, and contemporary art. Often involved in collaborations with artists, directors and theorists, she also initiates her own platforms, festivals, and research projects. Recipient of scholarships from Jardin d’Europe, DanceWEB, and American Dance Festival. She has worked with renowned choreographers as a dancer, including Tino Sehgal, Loïc Touzé, Anouk van Dijk, Philippe Jamet, Regis Obadia, etc. Her own pieces have participated in many European, American, and Russian dance festivals. Based in France since 2009, Khuseyn visits Moscow while working on projects there.

Dmitry Mozgovoy is a graduate of the faculty of Theater Management and Producing of the Russian Academy of Theater Arts (GITIS), deputy chairman of the Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation, executive director of the magazine Teatr (Theater), artistic director of the festivals ARTMIGRATION and ARTMIGRATION – CHILDREN, the platform Boyarskie Palaty (Boyarsky Chambers) of the Union of Theater Workers, and the International Summer Theater School. He also a teacher at GITIS, host of the TV program Mozgovoy Shturm (Mozgovoy Storm) on Radio Kultura, and producer of several theatrical performances and projects.

Maria Beylina is the Programming Director at the Golden Mask festival. Graduate of the faculty of theater studies of the Russian Academy of Theater Arts (GITIS) and the faculty of philology of the Yaroslavl Pedagogical University. She has been employed by the Golden Mask festival since 1999. She was the head of its media office (2003–2015) before moving to the position of programming director, which she currently occupies. In 2012 she was one of the promoters behind the education project Institute of Theater, which she has also been curating for the past eight years. Since 2019, she has been curator of the project Theatrum, dedicated to intercommunication between theaters and museums.


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The event is free and will be broadcast on YouTube.


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