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Discussion: "Do we need professional training? Where is your degree?"

Bureau des transmissions
25 April 2019


What is important when choosing an education today? Can a degree guarantee success? The speakers will look at how we can make education part of our lives, choose the knowledge that is important, and make it work for us in everyday life.  

Today it is common to speak of information overload: contemporary humans read more text per day than ever before. At the same time, the knowledge we get is scattered and often it is hard to figure out what is really important. Despite the great choice of schools and courses, contemporary education does not necessarily help us make sense of the information space we inhabit or teach us how to learn. Education should not be seen as having an end-point. In order for it to work and help us meet professional and personal challenges, learning should become a lifestyle. We are often told what we should do, but we rarely hear of what we shouldn’t. Experts in science and education will talk about the knowledge we should avoid and explain what we need to learn in order for education to be pleasant and useful in everyday life.

The discussion has been organized with the ScienceMe project and Skillbox online university.



Marat Atnashev, Dean of Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO.





Ekaterina Rybakova, president, board member and co-founder at Rybakov Foundation.





Elena Tikhomirova, CEO and founder at the e-learning center Zhivoye obshchenie.





Dmitry Krutov, CEO at Skillbox.





Henry Sardaryan, Dean of School of Governance and Politics at MGIMO, PhD in Political Science.





Olga Dieva, Education department coordinator at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, co-curator of Bureau des transmissions.




Alaksandra Moskovskaya, cofounder of the project ScienceMe, academic fellow at the Institute of Philosophy at the Russian Academy of Sciences.




Free admission with advance registration.

Please note that the discussion will be held in Russian without translation to English.


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