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Discussion “Disability and Self-advocacy” as part of the preparation for the conference Experiencing the Museum

21 May 2018


The discussion will focus on a disabled person’s own perception and knowledge of their disability and its specifics, such as making first steps towards self-advocacy.

This public meeting will feature pedagogues, special psychologists, representatives of charity organizations, parents of children with intellectual disability, and of course, disabled adults.

Children with intellectual disability do not question their specific qualities as often as children with other forms of disability. Should parents discuss it with a child who doesn’t initiate such conversations? And what if children have asked about it themselves?

Knowing one’s own abilities and understanding what to do and how to transform the environment around oneself for comfortable living form the core of the idea of self-advocacy shared by people with various disabilities across the globe. People with intellectual disability, however, usually represented by parents, teachers or other specialists who speak on their behalf, remain the most passive group in terms of advocating their rights. Shaping an inclusive environment without the immediate involvement of disabled people may cause inaccuracies. For parents of children with intellectual disability the question of whether to talk about it with their kids is crucial. But without an individual’s clear understanding of their specific condition, any further consultations with concerned institutions and organizations, including participation in training programs aimed at understanding disability, become problematic.

The speakers will share their experiences of discussing these issues with their children or pupils.


To take part in the discussion, please email Lada Talyzina, Manager of visitors with intellectual disability at Garage Inclusive department, at

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