Discussion club

15 September – 22 December 2019


Garage Museum of Contemporary Art launches a discussion club focusing on the issues of modern migration processes.

Representatives of ethnic groups and languages affiliated with labor migration are commonly labeled “other” in the perception of the masses, oftentimes leading to the formation of a particular image of a migrant in the collective consciousness of the local population. With any attempt to talk about labor and forced migration, this topic is getting more and more surrounded by myths and prejudices. Garage suggests undertaking a consistent study that will allow the exploration of the subject of migration without unnecessary emotions.

Each of the club’s meetings is based around the most critical issues that have formed recently in the context of migration. Through discussions, the participants will have the opportunity to articulate somewhat of an ethical approach that will further enhance professionalism in this field of research.

The discussion club is open to a general audience with experts providing support for people with migrant experience.

how to take part

Free admission with advance registration


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