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15 May 2019


Garage brings together interested and daring pedagogues, educators, and experts in the field of education processes to sit and discuss their current projects and inspiration sources.

Based on the ideals elaborated during the Enlightenment, the modern-day education system is living through a crisis. Using Ken Robinson’s words from his book The Element, education today needs transformation rather than reformation. It has to radically shift focus from “infusing” students with standardized knowledge to identifying their aptitudes and talents; it should teach how to implement information and communication in order to keep up to date with the rapidly changing today. And, just as any other revolution, this transformation is first carried via disjointed initiatives, often unaware of each other, such as public and education museum programs, small private schools, or independent projects conceived by audacious teachers and acute producers. This kind of revolutionaries will gather at Garage marking the conclusion of the exhibition project Bureau des transmissions.

Garage’s education team is gathering speakers who previously collaborated with the Museum taking part in discussions and debates, wishing to dream collectively about arguably the most humane practice—that of knowledge production. We neither divide the participants into representatives of commercial and nonprofit sectors, nor classify their experience in terms of age groups or areas of knowledge. We are interested in looking at the relevant flexible and experimental models brought together, as well as fostering the exchange of cutting-edge methods and “care practices” that help teachers prevent emotional burnout and overcome the often occurring feeling of an impasse. Each speaker has five minutes to articulate, without introductions and preludes, their statement, problem or story of how they find motivation to go on with what they are doing, or, alternatively, to describe a current project that has importance for the entire community or demands professional evaluation and feedback. This kind of direct engagement is intended at doing away with the commonly used presentation mode, where arrogant demonstration of achievements often overshadows the problem. It also opens up the possibility to discover a new accumulative force. Due to similar reasons, the Brainstorm will be documented graphically throughout its duration.

Author of the idea and moderator: Anastasia Mityushina, Garage Public Program curator


Dmitry Abramov, curator of educational projects, co-founder of PechaKucha Night Moscow and CreativeMornings Moscow.

Ekaterina Bezus, Principal, Key School.

Maksim Bulanov, Educational Director, Ray Academy.

Lia Chechik, Head of Education and Special Projects Department, Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center.

Olga Dieva, Education Department Coordinator, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, co-curator of Bureau des transmissions.

Olga Esina, AzartTrainer using Azartaining technology.

Aleksandra Kheifets, co-founder of Kaskad inter-museum project school.

Asia Kleshcheva, management team member, European Gymnasium school.

Lidia Lobanova, co-founder of Kaskad inter-museum project school.

Ksenia Maas, Head of Tours Department, MMOMA.

Aleksandra Moskovskaia, cofounder of ScienceMe .

Alexei Munipov, Irina Munipova, curators of the exhibition Playing with Masterpieces: From Henri Matisse to Marina Abramović at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center.

Natela Pilia, student of the Masters program “Evidence-based Educational Policy” (Institute of Education, National Research University Higher School of Economics), Member of the Center for Monitoring Quality in Education (Institute of Education, National Research University Higher School of Economics).

Katya Porutchik, Education Department Curator, V-A-C Foundation.

Valeria Ryzhenkova, Researcher, Education Department, MMOMA.

Olga Shirokostup, curator of educational and interdisciplinary projects, Curator of Action Art (Performance and Public Art) Projects at the Kaskad inter-museum project school.

Aleksandra Tarasova, Founder and Creative Director of the TSKEKH Center for Art and Intellectual Development.

Ilia Veniavkin, Head of Educational Programs, InLiberty.

Timur Zhabbarov, CEO, SmartCourse.

how to take part

Free admission with advance registration


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