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Discussion between Yuri Grigoryan and Anna Trapkova: In Love With What You Do. Architecture

Series of discussions: In Love With What You Do
31 July 2017


Yuri Grigoryan and Anna Trapkova will discuss the means of representing oneself and the cultural notions determined by the time, through architecture.

The first couple of speakers will touch upon the image of architecture today—whether it is a complex category, embracing a diversity of aspects, such as space, function, budgets, politics, aesthetics and personal matters. They will also explain why it is vitally important to share one’s professional skills and knowledge in the sphere you love; will trace back the process of project development, from the initial concept to the final completion; and what an architect could compromise while working with a client.



Yuri Grigoryan is an architect. In 1991, he graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute, where he teaches Project Development at the moment. In 1998, in partnership with Ilya Kuleshov, Alexandra Pavlova and Pavel Ivanchikov, he founded the MEGANOM architectural bureau. In 2011–2014 he was Director of Education at the Strelka Institute of Media and Design, Moscow. Along with coordinating the work at MEGANOM, Grigoryan is a regular speaker and lecturer at a number of Moscow institutions, actively involved in the evolvement of architectural thought and practice in this country.



Anna Trapkova is Deputy CEO for Reconstruction and Development at Garage Museum. Formerly, she worked at the Liberal Mission Foundation, was Development Director at the Institute of Regional Politics, Deputy Director of the Department of State Supporting of the Arts at the Russian Ministry of Culture, and Deputy Development Director at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.



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