Daniel Muzyczuk. Notes from the Underground: Art and Alternative Music in Eastern Europe 1968–1994


Daniel Muzyczuk's research project in Russia is part of his long-term inquiry into alternative communities and underground music scenes and their links to the art world in eastern Europe from 1968 to 1994.

The project was launched in 2016 with an exhibition of the same name at the Museum of Art in Łódź. Organized by Muzyczuk and David Crowley, it focused on primitivism and its huge contribution to political change in Europe in the late 1980s and early 1990s. 

The close ties between musician Sergey Kuryokhin and nationalist thinkers Aleksandr Dugin and Eduard Limonov were not unique: in Poland and Hungary, leaders of alternative art movements also collaborated with right-wing politicians. Such connections form another focus of Muzyczuk's research project, including his planned investigation into the subtexts of the Russian underground art scene and its transformation in the 1990s.

Deadline: 2018 

Researcher: Daniel Muzyczuk

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