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10 October – 28 November 2015
Saturdays, 17:00–19:00


Dance classes will explore works of art through your body and turn them into lived experience.

How does an artist translate memories into sculpture? How do emotions affect our bodies? 'Sculptures are me,' Louise Bourgeois said, describing her work. 'My body is a sculpture.' Join choreographer Yulia Chekmas to explore works of art through your body and turn them into lived experience.

Classes will focus on tactile contact with sculpture, breathing and concentration exercises and visual thinking to help reconnect body to mind, and develop motor skills and spatial orientation.



Yulia Chekmas is a dance teacher, choreographer and performance artist working in contemporary dance, theater, audiovisual art and science art. She is a choreographer and performer at the Interactive Performance Lab, which is part of the Polytech.Science.Art program at The Polytechnic Museum. She teaches modern dance and contemporary dance techniques.

How to take part

Free admission, advance booking necessary, 15 places available.

Classes are open to dancers of all levels, with no special skills required.

Wear comfortable clothes in which you can move freely, and warm socks or indoor shoes with no heels. Please don’t use perfume before class.


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