Dada-Collage. An original class by Anna Parkina


From 06 April 2020 to 17 April 2020

Dada-Collage. An original class by Anna ParkinaDada-Collage. An original class by Anna Parkina


Children aged 7 years and older as well as their parents are welcome to join Dada Collage—an online class hosted by Anna Parkina, an artist and tutor of the course Look: Bauhaus!

We will create a new world using the debris of the old one—just like Dadaists did, who believed that art and life deprived of spontaneity and humor are boring.

All we need for the class is all sorts of paper: white and colored, with and without drawings, useless magazines and newspapers, old calendars, and tickets. We are going to mix reality with art in the manner of Kurt Schwitters, Raoul Hausmann, and Max Ernst.

You will need

Scissors, glue, an A3 sheet of paper or two A4 sheets (glued together), colored paper, old drawings, newspapers, magazines, used tickets, calendars, useless photographs, plus felt pens, or color pencils, or crayons, or oil pastels, or markers, or pens (choose whatever stationary you have)


Class duration: 70 minutes.
Admission is free with advance registration.
Broadcast via Zoom. 
Class size is limited.

All registered participants will receive a link to the class prior to the start.


Dada-Collage. An original class by Anna Parkina


Monday, April 6