Culinary Laboratory for Children and Their Parents

14 September 2013


The Culinary Laboratory is a place for kids to act as apprentice chefs and venture with their mothers into the wonderful world of new tastes and aromas, diverse colors and textures. During the classes, children, guided by culinary expert Daria Butusova and assisted by their parents, will create simple and tasty food masterpieces. They will learn to make sweets from chocolate and dried fruit, decorate cupcakes and gingerbread pastry, cook light and healthy meals for the whole family, brew delicious tea, and make homemade lemonade.

The Culinary Laboratory was created to introduce kids to the art of cuisine and the notion of healthy food. The course will show that vegetables, fruit, nuts, and other trivial products may become part of a breathtaking adventure for young gourmets. The classes use game patterns to facilitate development of children’s motor and sensory skills. 

As a result of the course, your child will develop a strong interest towards cooking and start eating all the necessary healthy products he or she used to reject.  

The first class will be held on Saturday, September 14 at c 11.00-14.00

 For further information please contact us by phone +7 (926) 987-36-69 or e-mail:

Price per class: 800 rubles.

Tickets are available at Garage Temporary Pavilion in the Gorky Park near Pionersky Pond.

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