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10 October 2021
14:00–16:00 (one session)


Participants will take a tour acquainting them with artist Thomas Demand’s practice, who recreates places where notable events took place using paper and cardboard and subsequently photographs them. After the tour, the group will create their own assemblages of Garage’s interior space.

Thomas Demand is both a photographer and an architect. He approaches the theme of memory in a peculiar way, building paper and cardboard decorations that recreate locations where certain important events took place. The scenery itself can be of different sizes, but the artist’s printed images are always of a giant, full-size scale. The viewer thus gets the feeling that they can step into this odd, cold reality that looks so much like our world. Participants of the workshop will explore the artist's method before trying to transform the surrounding space into a paper panorama.



Viktoria Scherbenko is a pedagogue of Art in English Language at the IB (International Baccalaureate) program, teacher of creative and theoretical classes for children and teenagers in various Moscow museums. She graduated in Arts and Graphics from Moscow State Pedagogical University, studied at the Free Workshops School of Contemporary Art, completed an internship at the Art History Faculty of the University of Perugia, Italy, and professional growth courses at the school METOD.


Zhanna Sevostyanova has been a Garage tour guide since 2010. She is an Art History student (Museum Studies department) at Russian State University for the Humanities.




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