Children’s Education Project Junior Campus

1–11 July 2017


From July 1 to 12, 2017, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art and BMW Group will be running an education project teaching kids about road safety and the traffic code. Organised at Garage Square in front of the Museum’s main entrance, Junior Campus is part of Garage and BMW Group Russia’s long-term partnership program.

At Junior Campus, professional driving instructors will introduce children to the key road signs and explain the basics of road safety for cyclists, skaters, people on scooters, and responsible pedestrians crossing the road.

Participants can practice their new skills in kids’ cars and on the bikes provided. The mobile Junior Campus, which visitors will find at Garage Square, consists of a BMW car with an eight-meter trailer containing a lab.

Junior Campus visitors will also get a chance to learn about the history of cars, take a crack at a traffic code tests, and use car and bicycle simulators to see how various weather and road conditions can affect driving. The bravest and most responsible children are invited to take part in an interactive first aid module.

Junior Campus Education Project has been developed in collaboration with experts from the Moscow Road Safety Center and the Moscow Polytech, which runs road safety projects with the support of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, and the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Junior Campus in Russia is part of BMW Group’s global social responsibility program running since 2013. Similar projects run in Munich, Berlin and South Korea.


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