Oksana Rodina (b. 1997, Moscow)

I am a Cultural Studies student at RSUH and did an internship in China. I am attracted to the Chinese language and culture, contemporary art, and curatorial practices.

My first day at work was the first day that the project was open to general public. The real challenge was the necessity to balance between keeping the venue under control and communicating with the visitors. The bright and eye-catching piece by Karoline H. Larsen made them stop and stay at that location for a while, with some visitors leaving afterwards, without proceeding to observe the rest of the projects. This is why sometimes I had to switch from moderator to guide mode, in order to have the opportunity to tell people how many other interesting things we have on offer.

Many visitors asked what would happen to Collective Strings after the end of the show. 

During a conversation about the possibility to run a museum in one’s apartment, young female artists shared with me their idea of a collective art project to be displayed inside the elevator of their dormitory.

Visitors mainly choose unpaired cups which allowed discussion of more subjects that seem compelling.

“The only place in the museum where everything could be touched”, one spectator said about the project.